indicator upgrades

Not very often i hit ebay but out of desperation i bought one of these WM FL005 12 electronic flashed relay, as i have been having problems with my indicators not flashing for the first10-15 seconds untill the relay warms up on cold daysFixed my flash rate instantly, now it will handle upto 10amps or down to 0.02amp so ideal for loadless led bulbsI tested with 4 loadless ( no resistor) led bulbs and it flashed just the same as with 4 normal 21w incandecent bulbs or a combination of both :slight_smile:

guzzi-t52012-05-04 14:41:55

Is this it mate your link is not live?

Dear Mr Guzzibear, could you please tell me what magic is involved in creating a live link, as i havent got a clue and ond day it might be handy!!!

i copy and paste them and find that the writing is all standard black then if i hit the big spacer bar it then goes to the link colour
hope that makes sense

OOOOOH must be magic will try one day


Is this it mate your link is not live?[/QUOTE]

Cheers Ken, was pasting on my iPhone so link did not work


you can also do it showing this link.

Now your just showing off Brian

Spillthe beans on that one then

Me I copy the address bar and paste Brian is just klever…

When typing a reply you will see the hyperlink ikon above the box, a blue globe wearing goggles. So copy the URL, then highlight the word you want to make into a hyperlink here in this case, then click on the ikon above. This will open a new window and you will see your highlighted word in the URL box to the right of the one which says http. Highlight that word, right click and paste the original URL into the box.
Then you have to go to the start of that URL and delete the first 7 characters (http://) then hit OK.Brian UK2012-05-05 14:55:03