Indicators & hazards stopped working

1994 cali’ 111

Took the side panel off, thought I’d check the relay first.

Took it off cleaned the terminals, not that that looked bad.

Put it back, worked… for a short while.

Played further… I noticed that when I removed the relay it clicked. Also it was hot. My conclusion is that the relay is shot, I’ll get another one anyway.

Current (pun!) one is a 2 pin Wagner 552, any old replacement will do won’t it?

Now expecting to be told what is the only one brand to fit. :laughing:

Ordered one from Gutsibits.

Rambling on now… the relay clicked when I removed it, to me, this infers that the contacts were “made”, in which case, I’d have thought the indicators would be on.

Bad earth? or a dodgy fuse?

New relay fitted, result. :smiley: