Indicators problems

On the way home had a few issues with said indicators, sticking on or flashing rate increasing so had a look and after a bit of fiddlin’ and lookin’ th rear indicators were the culprits due to corrosion on the base of the bulbs and the actual connection inside, they came apart easily and had the file and some cleaner on them and it is all good.

The rear ones are the givi ones that go on the wingrack

Yep need a good earth. One time I had indicators go nop (A40 coming up on Abergavenney at the time), was a ‘dirty’ fuse.

i had the givi ones on the t5 early on and ended up using my drememl to clean them up and tinning the positive bullet to get a good connection.I added individual earth wires back the the main earthpoint in front of the brake light till i ditched the wingracksI have a electronic flasher on the t5 now to correct the flash rate… trouble is it does not flash differently if you have bulb out :frowning:

guzzi-t52012-09-19 15:22:49