Instrument lights - 12v 1.2a - generic part? [Answered]

Just hoping for a bit of knowledge here - are the bulbs (the all-glass, push in types) for T3 console (and other Tontis for sure) a generic ‘vehicle’ part? I know I can get them from Gutsibits (et al) but wondered if I might more readily get them at some local car parts place. Anyone know?

Not being entirely lazy here - I could of course take a sample with me, but that’s not going to happen without first taking the screen and console off the T3 Cali. And I need the Cali to go to the car parts place!

For clarity, I’m looking at the bulbs which illuminate the oil light, generator, full beam, indicators on, etc. Guzzi part: 93450140

I have some similar type car bulbs, but I vaguely remeber the Guzzi dash ones as being quite tiny - I also have distant memories of the reassembly of the dash, and the relocation of all the bulbs and holders being a sweary job. (o:


Ah, going to reply for myself here - turns out that they are a ‘generic’ auto-part, and their ‘designation’ is a T5 bulb - so, for my T3 dash: a T5 x 12v x 1.2a

…and for future time-travellers who might follow this with their own, similar problem: don’t be tempted to put an ‘extra bright’ 1.5a into the Generator light - that one, unlike all the other stars in this particular constellation is ‘part of the circuit’ as in, needs to be working, needs to be right for the Gen’ to charge the battery eficiently.

Next challenge: find a ‘generic’ source for the right fit bub holders, the contacts inside which (I now find) are incredibly fragile. Plenty similar on eBay etc. but are they the right shaped fit? Hmmm !



Yes a Problem I have had to deal with when people have cafe racered their motorcycles
they know I am a sparks so for some reason I am the sage !!!
simple terms, the current from the warning light is used to excite the alternator, otherwise it wont start to charge, it needs that little tickle to get it going
quite funny when some one has chopped all the wiring about and fitted LEDs !!!
and dont mention suzuki burgmans , they dont have a warning light, but instead a very complex circuit to excite the windings and control the charge, and its a pricy bit of kit as my dopey brother in law found out, odd that he got all the way here before it expired !!!


Having restored and built many Guzzi T3 Calis my advise is get onto Greg Bender, the holders are no longer avaiable but Greg has alternatives. I know from previous your not keen on sourcing out of the country but believe me you wont regret it, anything you need to know about electrics and rebuild i will hapily help with, see the Cali T3 i had advertised and now sold. My solid advice is upgrade to modern where you can on the electrics and relay everything .

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