Insurance Advice

My 1979 V50 has had the addition of a pair of clip-ons, rearsets and is likely to have a slight re-design on the original seat pan…for the purposes of getting insurance is my bike now considered ‘modified’ and won’t be touched by mainstream insurers? Any suggestions of suitable insurers would be appreciated please. thanks

My BMW is quite heavily modified, but Carole Nash insure it no problem, and it’s not particularly expensive - they do, however, want a full list of ALL modifications from standard. When I’ve finished my Convert they have indicated the same deal will apply. I expect other insurers who are used to motorcycles and/or classic cars can do similar - Footman James also seem big in this market.

Seconed for Carol Nash, plus their service was excellent both times I had to claim.

thanks I will give them a ring as trying to do it online is quite difficult if the bike strays away from standard, even a little.