Insurance renewals

After being messed about by Carol Nash, in spite of being honest and informing them of a no fault accident in my car ( rear ended by a lump of pig iron)
they tried to scam me for more money
all sorted eventually
but they are not really an insurance company any more just a broker, getting my renewal, I noticed it had risen, which I found odd having not ridden the thing until the last few weeks of the policy
I also noticed in the small print that Pillions were excluded ??
luckily i have not taken any on on the back, but even a minor accident not of my fault, could cause me to lose my house over that sort of court case
I went to the MCN website to get a few quotes, and it seems that the system is set for no pillion as standard ?
not easy to notice due to the way it is worded ( other riders)
all sorted now
Carol Nash identical quote like for like 40 quid cheaper ??, now I did hear that from January the 1st, companies are not allowed to do this any more, so presume they are getting cash back where they can, Also I tried on several occasions to ring Carol Nash but received no reply, so I guess they have not replaced staff after Covid, or their phone system is a bit rubbish
I found another broker, a bit more expensive but far better cover for me along with breakdown both here and abroad
I dont normally read all of the small print, I just dont have the time, but after I used one company for 4 years, only to find that after the first year they had removed several features from the policy I am more careful now
read all the small print and dont trust them to be honest with you !

I gave up with Carol Nash a while back. Now using the IAM scheme which is done by Cornmarket insurance in Northern Ireland. They seems quite personal. You do have to check everything these days as insurance is so complicated.

Yes the no pillion thing is a real odd one, but seems quite common these days. I mean, would you insure your car for no passengers? Shows that motorcycles now really are just predominantly used as play things I suppose.

Most of the brokers/insurers seem to try and hike premiums for existing customers, you do have to pretty much shop around every year now.

On another note, if you consider the nature of insurance - shared risk, then just because you have a clean sheet for another year doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a rise. If it has been a bad year across your demographic then you all get to pay.