Is this an Oil Pressure Switch?

Nearly finished rewire… just wondered if this is an electrical device , as I have one wire left to connect and this looks like the most likely place for it to go…
Thank you for your time and patience :ugeek:


Yes seconded


Thank you… comes fourth

Yes and still available if needed.
Unless they have improved their quality by several million % do not be tempted to use the Intermoter part.

Is this wire Blue and black?
due to the fact that the switch is not that easy to remove with the tank on it might be worth thinking about fitting a new switch now whilst the tank is off,j
if it is the orginal switch I would replace it for the above reason
Mr Dunmore is correct re intermotor
see my post under Non OEM parts July 2013
oil light and brake light switch- T3 etc
the above named switches are the same as the Guzzi one but with a spade connector instead of a bullet connector, they fit both my 850T3 and my Cali EV 1997

Blue and black does sound like it. Needs like a female bullet connector, and a rubber bootee thing to protect it from the weather.

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