Italian in Stowmarket

Had a look at the bike shop in Stowmarket today, “Made In Italy” what a fantastic range of Italian Motorcycles, fair made my mouth water + a wish for a larger wallet :smiley:
If your ever out that way its a must to visit . :sunglasses:

And worth keeping an eye on their website as some very nice stuff doesn’t hang around, in fact some bikes get snapped up and do not even get onto their website!

Cosmo classics is another that Ilike to keep my eye on

Yes - I’ve been there. Looks good until you see the price tags.

There is a tour out that way you can do that also takes in Krazy Horse, Andy Tiernan and some farm who’s name I forget where a guy trades predominantly Ducatis from - no, not barn finds, a proper little showroom in the grounds. I complemented the guy on the quality of his bike polisher and it transpired it was his daughter - so I can’t go back anyway.

Would be interested in knowing who that Ducati guy is please, any details? I promise I won’t mention you :laughing:

I suspect it’s VILLAGE MOTORCYCLES AT Stonham Aspal, not far off the A140 North of Ipswich. Postcode IP14 6AU. I remember he was into Ducatis. I bought my Lario off him a few, make that eight or nine years back… I used to live quite near then.

That’s the run we did, started at Black Bear Newmarket- Krazy Horse Bury St Ed- W. Weatherly, Harleston - Southwold ice cream and fish and chips - Andy Tiernans, Framlingham - Village Motorcycles with a very nice bike cleaner- lastly Made in Italy, home for a snack, then out with the lads later for a pint, was a grand day out :sunglasses: :smiley:

Village Motorcycles- has a very nice girl who does the detailing work, there was an eclectic mix of bikes there when we went, didn’t look like he was predominantly Ducati when we visited, maybe just sold em all ?
Cheers Chill :wink:

Thank you


SS900 for £39k

And just to add, the stuff at “Made In Italy” is horrible money, but it is mostly just so beautiful it’s difficult not to cry.

I was there last year when they were packaging up a ‘Green Frame’ which was on its way to Australia for £150,000!