K & N filter hassles

Have replaced the original air box on the Convert with a K&N double ended filter, No. MG-2640. Trouble is the filter will not fit over the extension tubes on the carbs despite lube and stretching exercises, plus the filter does not appear to allow for the staggering of the cylinders and carbs. Anyone else had this problem and solved it?

I have one on my Convert. It was on when I bought it, so don’t know how easy it was to fit. It does look a bit wonky with the offset cylinders and when loosened tries to staighten itself.

Fit velocity stacks and enjoy the music!!, however keep away from sandy beaches.:slight_smile:

Have you tried it with the extension tubes off? Mine just went straight onto the carb intakes. But they were oval separates, not double-ended.

If you want to experiment with separate filters I have a pair from my blown up T3.

Thanks for all the informative replies, have found a separate pair from Opie Oils, believe they are 0640s, should do the job.
Cheers, Gerry.

I have a pair to my Spada. You need to ft them without the intake tubes. A little fiddly to fit at first but seem to get easier every time I have to remove & re-fit. The single filter on the other hand needs to be fitted with the intake tubes. The individual filters work better in my opinion.

I have separate filters on my Cali III.

You may need to fiddle with the main jets and needle positions a little but they work well and they freed up enough space for me to move the coils under the tank and to fit a Newtronic electronic ignition box and second fuse box under the side panel.

That will solve a problem for me I never thought of, but if you remove the intake tube how do you balance the carbs? I use one of those rising column jobbies on the screww hole on the tube - I suppose you are one of those folk who can do it listening to it breath? :wink:

My T3 (may/not be the same) has the 6mm take off in the manifold and the extension tubes screwed into there.
I have a single K&N which I fitted with the extensions after a lot of work with hot water and a hair dryer (less fierce than a heat gun).

If those are Le Mans inlet stubs (look like it) then should include the vacuum gauge holes. M6 tapped. (?)

I can see one on the LH manifold

I thought so too but wasn’t sure.

To the best of my knowledge those are the manifolds which came as standard with the Cali III. They are tapped with an M6 thread for a vac take off.

I doubt that they are the Le Mans manifolds as my Cali has the smaller bore PHF 30 carbs rather than the PHF 36 which were fitted to some Cali IIIs.

Yes, sorry got it arse about face!

OK then!