K&N for Cali 1100i

Been giving my ‘new to me’ cali 1100i a good inspection and among other things replacing all the fuel lines. To do this I removed the air box for access. That got me wondering about how much easier it would be accessing components if the air box was gone. So what is the opinions on Pod K&N filters? Not particularly chasing performance (it pulls a chair), just an ease of access issue and don’t want to muck up the overall sey up. Everything else is standard (not got round to changing the crossover to ease gearbox oil change).

I’ve got a K&N panel filter for the EV.
It lasts longer and I have to take the tank off annually for a fuel filter change.
I’ll look a couple of pieces I’ve copied on air box and filter mods.
Generally agreed that for the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.
Be interested to read what others believe,
All the best

I have junked the airbox and fitted individual K&N filters and it massively eases servicing.
I increased the main jet size by 10% and lifted the needle one position by dropping the circlip one notch. Don’t know how it works with efi.

I bought a K&N flat filter at the V Twin a few years ago, and the guy said the sensors in the EFI set-up would make it automatically compensate. I’ve fitted a Powercommander to the ECU anyway, and sawn the top off the airbox. A tiny bit louder, but I reckon a lot more oomph.
I live in rural West Wales, but travel everywhere, and over 30k later still haven’t needed to clean it.

Interesting info, but nobody yet able to confirm the pod K&N’s work ok with fuel injection cali 1100?