Kangaroo Juice

Took my wife pillion for the first time last week - she doesn’t like pillion on bikes without a top case and I can’t quite bring myself to put one on the V7 stone - and the bike started stuttering, particularly on a hill. First sign of misbehaviour in 2 years. From the bike, that is. Rushed it off to the dealer as there’s only a month on the warranty. He’s found a screw in the tyre (red embarrassed face emoji) and a tyre pressure of 14 as opposed to 36. In my defence I checked pressures before taking the wife out so must have picked up the screw on that short ride. Anyway, dealer says the stuttering was the TCS kicking in, caused by the flat tyre. Sounds logical and I’ve not had a flat on a bike with traction control before, so who am I to argue? Thing is, I never got the TCS light, he is getting the behaviour, but with the TCS light flickering. New tyre being fitted as we speak, I’ll keep you posted, literally. Reason I’m posting is just that someone might have had this issue, or might have it in future.

I really hope this solves the problem because the bike is definitely a keeper.

My limited experience of such things, was with the Piaggio X10 maxi-scooter, you had to calibrate the TC, in case the wheels are rotating slightly different speeds due to tyre wear, or new tyre(s) are fitted, and of course the first time when the bike is new, or you’ve disconnected the battery or pulled that fuse for some reason, and a right palavar it is too. I think they (Piaggio) call it ATR. Ride it until the light stops flashing (it always does when ignition turned on, started but not moved yet), then stop, do something to put it in calibration mode, ATR light goes solid, then ride between 20 & 30 km/hr for 20 seconds or until ATR light goes out, then, and get this, turn the ignition off and wait 30 seconds. :astonished: You better be doing it on a quiet road.

Thanks Mike H. Now that I’m in tier 4 with not much to do I might try that anyway. If I can get the bike back. :unamused: