Keihan pipes on Spada

Trial fitting a pair of Keihan pipes on my Spada/G5 project this morning, I found that the H-section balance pipe seems to hold the bottom run of the pipes too close together.As a result they are hard against the ends of the front engine mounting bolt.I do remember from my 850 & 950 in the 80s that there was not a lot of clearance. But these pipes draw closer together as they drop from the cylinder head to the bottom run of the pipes.The distance between the pipes is 315mm at the head, but only 285mm at the bottom run.Is this correct? Hoping somebody can run a tape over the pipes on their bike, either with Keihan or std. pipes and let me know.I have sent a polite enquiry to Keihan but don’t really expect an answer before Monday.The rear end of the bike is still incomplete so I cannot tell how this will affect the silencers lining up with their supports.Obviously if this is the correct spacing, I could cut the balance pipe and clamp next size up piece of tube over it to allow a few more “mm” of spread, but I’d rather not unless I have to.

I take it that your H piece is a one peice unit and therefore not adjustable
I know the ones that i have had (O&S) they have been made so that the cross is extendable to allow for this.
The bike has now got a guzzi set up on it will have a look later for you

on my cali3 (948cc) i had to loosen the header bolts when i fitted my khines.then retighten them when the silencers wher bolted up that made them spring away from the lower frame rail. i havent had a problem whith them since, ps if you havent allredy, then wat i did was nocked the bafel plate through it makes sutch a difrenc and sounds good but not ofencife. if you look through the silencer you will see the hole in the baffel plate its verey verey small and restrictiv.

Hi buzz. I cannot see that method providing the amount of movement that’s necessary to get the clearance on my bike. I wait to see what Keihan will comeback with in the morning. In the meantime, measurement from any Spada, T4, T3, G5 would be helpful. Distance between the pipes at their lower bend.

The manufacturers may well tell you to wait and see once you have the whole system installed. If you think about it, if you have to pull the silencers in to get them to fit, it will pivot on the cross pipe, and give more clearance at the front.

It can’t “pivot” on the cross tube. Its a solid weld. IF keihan are relying on that, as an ex fabricator welder, they can have it back, or, I’ll cut it and sleeve it, or buy one from a number of other available suppliers.But I will wait to seewhat they say.

My old original balance pipe measures 281mm between the pipes. The downpipes are very close to the lower engine bolt but sit just above them. There is a very fine clearance. Make sure your balance pipe is tucked well up level with the bottom of the bell housing.Other pics

I’m using Armours SS and it’s pretty much same as above, very close to the bolt ends also. Can’t remember previous pipes ever being much different.

Ok. Thanks guys. That looks, literally, to be about the size of it. My problem is made worse by a non standard propstand fitted by a P.O.(it actually supports the bike!) which has a thicker bracket, but that extra thickness is no greater than that produced by some crash bars that have a bottom fixing to the engine bolt.

The clearance to the lower bolts really is minimal, a few mm’s. It is important to get the balance pipe high up to clear the bolts. Took a full day to fit mine previously. If you have upswept pipes they can also be a bugger to fit and avoid them hitting on the end of the lower frame rails

I have Keihan H pipe on my t5 and it would not fit. I spoke to Keihan who advised to loosed the front pipes and get them into the H pipe. Then add the silences and bolt everything up loose. Once all togeather tighten up the headers and work backwardsTook about 4hrs to get it rightDaft as it sounds are your headers on the correct way round?! My T5 had a squire chair on it and the exhaust headers had been swapped and the h pipe moddified…Mine has about 2mm clearence from the side stand mount as per Don’s Pic

guzzi-t52013-04-22 07:42:58

Thanks again. I tried left & right, out of curiosity, and though there is a difference, it dosn’t solve the problem.One happy discovery yesterday, was a piece of stainless tube in my stock of spare metal, that is the perfect size to sleeve the balance pipe.I’ll just wait to see what Keihan say when they open, but I have the hacksaw tuned up with a fresh blade. Chop chop, and I’ll have all the lateral adjustment I need, with no need for any stress or strain.The Keihan pipes are nice quality, but another time I’d go to OS for the balance pipe.g5er2013-04-22 08:19:37

The header pipes on a Guzzi ARE left and right as the cylinders are offset. IF you look in a manual (I know us blokes tend not to) BUT any zorst system on a Guzzi you have to assemble loose making sure the headers are on the correct side and both line up then only when all up on bike stat to tighten up.

This does NOT mean the x piece is correct, but they are close to the front engine bolt BUT if the touch the frame at any point the vibes will be through the roof

I meant that using either pipe did not result in any clearance.I know the pipes are handed.It is exactly the problem of avoiding the pipes vibing on the frame that I’m trying to avoid.I phoned Keihan this morning. Their chap who “knows about Guzzis” would call me back. He hasn’t yet.

the clearence is problem i had, i applied some force to mine while tightening up and not had any probs.My friend with a t3 cut the cross pipe and made a sleive with 2 clamps to alter the width a little

That’s the route I am just about to take.Eventually I got through to Keihan, by phoning them again. They sound genuinely concerned and assure me that they are going to look into the problem, and if necessary they will re jig their production.I explained that I can’t wait for the outcome of their investigation and that I’m going to cut the cross tube and sleeve it. They seemed to understand, and I’ve ordered the extra 2 clamps.Maybe I’m the first person to explain that greater clearance would be helpful.

Well at least you got a result bud maybe not the exact one you wanted but they at least spoke to you.

Indeed. Its now on. Finger tight awaiting silencers. Had to make two collars to fit under the finned exhaust clamps, to push on the flange of the Keihan pipes.Another bit of stainless tube I had kicking around, (I seem to remember the bloke who gave it to me said it was the tail pipe from some Rolls Royce. Classy eh?) came in handy. Careful measuring ang hacksawing produced two 14mm wide collars which worked nicely.

there are supose to be spacers between the finned flange and the little swaged flange on the header pipes

mine are about 18mm

Roy at O&S made my H piece as per the photo and it is adhustable between (pipe centre to pipe centre) 335 - 360 at the front where the headers fit and they are tapered out towards the back 355 - 380mm