Keys for a Tonti Bike

I need a replacement key for a Tonti-framed Bike.

This is for the Fuel Flap and seat, not steering lock or ignition.

It would seem that there are numbers stamped on the lock, which I assume designate the specific key required.

Please can any kind sole advise me where I can get replacement keys. I have no key from which another could be profiled to cut a new one.

Many thanks

Pete2014-07-04 18:30:59

The ignition and fuel flap should be the same key (or they are on my 78 Spada)Not sure about a seat lock, I didn’t know they had them. What model is it for?If you can get the flap off, a good lock smith should be able to make you a key to fit. Alternatively, Twiggers, the Guzzi dealer in Loughborough are very good with keys and locks.

Many thanks, Don.
On this occasion the ignition key does not fit so I think there has been a Barrel change at some point.

The Fuel Flap and Seat Lock numbers match up, the Ignition number is different.

I will try out Twiggers

I found Basildon Locksmiths to be excellent. The phone number is 01268 534121.
Just tell them it is for a Guzzi, give them the reference numbers and the keys are with you the following day.

That’s great, much appreciated!!!

Thank you!

Where is this seat lock? Never seen one on a Tonti!

On my Cali III the lock mechanism was fitted to the seat and hooked around the small peg on the frame in the top right of this picture.

It may help to know that Moto Guzzi often use Fiat blanks for their keys.

Can’t identify a peg but then I am using iPhone at the mo

This peg here.


Ah right thanks.

Mike. It’s one of them new fangled hi tech thingumy’s.
Don’t worry, it will never catch on.