Koni Rear Shocks- re-buildable??

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Looking at the rear shocks it would seem there is an issue with the damping.

It seems they “Pump down” - i.e. if you push the back of the bike down in rapid succession the bike remains with the ride height compressed for quite a long period. It then rises very slowly to normal ride height.

I assume there is an issue with the valve(s) that operate the damping.

Does anyone know if these Konis are re-buildable and if so where one can get the parts - I cecked out the Gutsibits site but no luck there. These are the type with the adjustable wheel at the top of the shock.

Any help would be appreciated.


It would be going back a couple of years but a member got his shocks redone at a reasonable price.
Ikon might do them.
Tim Hicks hnows a thing or two.
Ex smoking might be able to help.

Many thanks, Ian

Yes you CAN get them rebuilt BUT when mine failed I bought Hagons as a stop gap …Have to say on the V1000 they are better than the Konis ever were. IF however you are wanting yours rebuilt I remember a place doing that in Aberystwyth

Nothing wrong with Hagons as a cheaper replacement

Worth knowing, thanks guys.
Did you go with the double adjustables or the “Cheapies”?


i put set of the cheapies on my Cali 1100i 6 years and 60k ago - still doing the job, but i dont carry a pillion so dont know if that would affect life or use

Koni units are now sold under the name Ikon. Same design, and they are rebuildable as spares are available.Probably cheaper to rebuild thn buy new, and good Konis are good.

Very useful information as ever, thanks.

Well, I was the one so I was. Maybe Gwen as well.
I had mine rebuilt by a firm in South Wales for about 90 quid.
Great job just like new again. Day to day, two up touring with luggage etc etc.
Probably done about 45000 on them since then, 4 years ago.
These people did my rebuild;

SRM Engineering
Unit 22 Glanyrafton Ind. Estate
Aberystwyth, Ceredigion UK SY233JQ
P: 1970 627771
F: 1970 627773
E: srm1a@srm-engineering.com

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That’s the ones mayte … My Hagons are the basic ones with chrome springs used on the V1000 solo, rallied with HUGE amounts of luggage and me (then) 27 stone.

Since then me 16 stone and pillion and luggage and back to solo in ALL far far better than the Koni dial-a-rides ever were which DID very very much surprise me. but there y go

Hagons get an unfair ‘cheapie’ lable, good value would be more correct, I have had 2 monoshocks and 1 set of twin shocks and been more than satisfied with their products, buit to high standards and to your requirements also completly servicable. In all three instances they have been better than original in my opinion.

Thank you for all your input - as ever the value of a club; much appreciated.

Norman Hyde have come back to me and said they potentially stock KONI/IKON shock absorber parts, so that is nice to know as well.

When i replace the lil’Breva shocks i will undoubtably use the £350.00 Hagons that Simon Howers reported on.

I can certainly see the attraction of new shocks, I suppose I am a compulsive “tuner” & like messing about and wasting my time in the hope I learn a bit more.

What Shocks do you have on the Le Mans, Ian?

Guy rebuilds all ours using parts from Norman Hyde. We had a damaged damper valve in one, that had to come from Oz. Now workin perfectly and no leaks, xguykate2012-12-14 21:47:03

I think it was last months classic mechanics which did a artical on how to rebuild koni shocks . I will have to check the magazine pileregards keith

Thanks once again for the info guys and gals - keep it coming!!

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It was also in Practical Sportsbike, which may still be on the shelves.

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