KPH Speedo change to MPH Speedo.

This is on a V1000 G5. I’ve just acquired a MPH Speedo to replace the KPH one, whose dial readout is about to part company from its two retaining screws and does the distracting dance of death while on the move. Is it a matter of reconnecting the Speedo cable, or does the Speedo drive within the gearbox casings need changed too?

It should just be a case of fitting and connecting up the cable.

Thanks once again👍🏻

You did well there - I’ve been looking for a MPH clock for my Cali 2 for ages!

Came off a a Convert supposedly and looks identical.

It should just be a straight swap. It sounds like you either didn’t get the cable engaged properly at the speedo when you reconnected it or you pulled the inner out slightly so it is no longer properly engaged at the gearbox end.
That is assuming the cable was OK before you took the speedo off, it could be the inner cable has snapped somewhere in the middle if not.
Either way you could need a new cable as it may have mangled itself by now if it has been run like that for a while.
Have you tried connecting up the old speedo to see what that does now?