Lario 650

Hi Team,Heard and experienced the potential horrors of Larios.Looking for links to some of the fixes that work.To date I’ve heard about (but not got the details of) using Kawasaki valves and springs which will fit the the Lario valve guides when lightly reamed.Suzuki GN250 valves fit and a chap in Denmark advertises new purpose made valves at £80 for a set. Using these with lighter springs from 2 valve 750s is a recomendation.Anyone got any more?Any leads appreciated,All the bestSteve

The Danish chap is busy on the Wild Guzzi forum under the handle of “IceBlue”. You could contact him there. Also Ed Milch of both Wild Guzzi and GuzziTech will help.

Between the two of them I suspect they know all there is to know. Good luck!