Latest Stelvio?

Does anyone have the latest Stelvio NTX??

Im possibly going to sign on the dotted line tomorrow for the Honda Crosstourer …but theres something in my mind saying Stelvio.

Any advice accepted.

Have you ridden both bikes? I’d get a test ride on both before making a decision.

Testing honda tomorrow,nothing booked for Stelvio …yet! Tested the GS nice but over priced…and the Explorer…blew me away tbh…but they cant offer the deal honda have…by a long way. aitchndee2013-09-21 22:04:16

Hondas are great bikes technically but might kill you - through boredom.

I owned a VFR and then a Blackbird before I realised there were bikes out there with character. Think carefully before committing to the crossdresser.

The tourer that blew my skirt up and took me thousands of miles was the 1150GS.

Just sayin’…GZK6NK2013-09-21 22:36:47

would love a GS but once you add the cost of all the extras its too much for our budget. Hence the honda package looks the best deal…despite the boredom!

Yes, I can see that. I presume you’ve considered a used GS rather than new? But if you want 'new’and Honda will do a deal, it makes sense to go with them.

Hard to get the finance deal we want on a used bike…decisions to be made i guess…though the more i look at the new Stelvio the more i want one.

I have just covered over 2000 miles on the latest NTX. (Not mine)
The latest bike has some very usefull improvements over the previous model. Wider fairing and screen which give great weather protection, larger tank which gave near 500 kilometres before the fuel light came on with 3.5 litres in reserve. The seat was as comfy as they can be and the riding position comfortable. The handling was excellent and as nimble as a super moto over the Julian Alps in Slovenia.

But here’s the thing, Guzzis are an acquired taste and a long test ride is recommended. 12 grand is a lot of cash for a new one.
If you want super slick go for the honda or the Beemer. If you want “character” the Guzzi may be your thing. A German came up to me and congratulated me on being different. Make of that what you will

Join the crowd…buy a Honda. Great bikes, well made and do it all well…but Tom Dick and Harry have one as do they Bmrs.

The Stelvio is a great bike too,but with a difference.
Stand out as someone with the balls to be different…buy the Guzzi.
On top of that join the BEST BIKE CLUB ON THE PLANET!

Go find a dealer who will let you have the Stelvio for 24hrs…it may suit you…it may not…but find out!
Many owners keep their Guzzis forever, if they fancy a change they buy another to add to the fleet, that says a lot.
Yes, we have gripes and complain about issues but that is just part of the ownership experience, overall the marque is an acquired taste but all the better for it.rossoandy2013-09-23 09:26:13

I do already have an 06 Breva V1100. Just like it so much that I want something that I can tour on year after year without massive mileage.

Why not tour on the Breva?

Cos i dont want to have massive mileage on it…i want the Breva for our sunny sunday rides.

Massive mileage on a well looked after modern machines today is 80,000 +…none on this site comes anywhere near that, bikes are for riding…use them…in the U.K. the amount of sunny sundays can be counted on the fingers of two + perhaps a foot no. of digits…
byteofthecherry2013-09-24 20:40:47

Each to their own.

Decision made. Yam Super Ten purchased.

They are a nice looking bike. Congrats.

You don’t see too many about either.Horton9162013-09-28 22:48:30