Le Man Head on a T3 Motor

 Well is it doable ?    What intricacies are involved ,

The Lemans head has big valves and the standard T3 piston is designed for small valves so you would need to watch for clearance between valve and piston crown. To get the best benefit you should use LeMans high comp pistons. The T3 is a low compression engine so should help with the problem of valves to piston.Then you would want bigger carbs to get the benefit.I do believe the same cam is used on the T3 and the LeMans.LeMans distributor has a different advance curve, not sure if it would actually make much difference or not.A few thoughts for starters

Guy and me discussed this and arrived at pretty much the same conclusions as Don, buying a usable Mk 2 would probably be cheaper. Whether putting say 32 ml carbs on a Mk 2 mite give you a bit of a performance increase or you might just lose low end and not gain much top !guykate2013-12-26 15:33:20

If memory serves, albeit hazy, from similar type telephone enquiries, the LM head has a higher dome so actually you would lose compression. The LM piston has a domed crown to match. Also inlet stub bolt holes are M6 not M8. Also spark plugs ae different (hotter type). Edit: believe I was going to try it on the Spada, but was basically told not worth it, too much aggro. A complete LM motor would be easiest route really. Or swap the barrels and heads over. HTH
Mike H2013-12-26 13:16:11

You can get hi and lo compression pistons for the V1000’s spada and the like, no idea how much different they are BUT for touring and general road use the lo comp is the reccomendation…the more you tune a road engine the more fragile and irksome it can become