le mans 1 restoration

the machine = le mans 1 second generation
is there someone who can help with some very specific information - cable /breather routing ,certain nut & bolt configurations and other minor stuff on a le mans 1 ??
ideally i need someone who has an unrestored machine

Hello Giles, you will be very lucky to find an unrestored Mk I Le Mans, after 40 years most have been restored, and many out there started life as Mk II Le Mans or touring models. There are also reasons why the original breather systems have been updated, and breather/cable routing is subject to a lot of debate with the general agreement that they should be routed where they run best without sharp kinks or bends to restrict their operation.

If you are adamant that you want your bike to be 100% original then you will have difficulty finding anyone to confirm or deny this, for a start they did not all leave the factory with the same equipment let alone breather/cable routing as they were all hand built with whatever parts were in the factory at that time. Then one has to ask the question why you would want this precise detail, there are few who would be able to confirm or deny exactly how these are routed so why would it matter?

Most 40 year old bikes have had the rusty nuts and bolts replaced with stainless steel, and are no worse for that. If you really want original I suggest you find some rusty fasteners if you do not have those already! :smiley:

Now where are all the river counters when you need them!

Good luck with the build

I found this, which originally came off the Internet. Someone actually doing a rebuild.


Hi Giles, I have a Lemans, bought new in 1977, completely unrestored, in perfect working order and all parts are as per the parts book. what exactly do you want to know?
Cheers Phil

I painted my starter motor silver too, and had the end cap chromed (I know show pony!) I don’t think your photo Mike is what the OP is looking for, he wants unrestored.

Thanks for all the interest
The machine will be as OE as poss , with a thorough and detailed restoration ( and all original nuts and bolts!!!)
in boxes since 20 years ,previous owner had it in the garden under a sheet of corrugated iron complete with birds nest between cylinders.

Ok i also have another question …does anyone know what type of finish brembo might have used on callipers etc??
i was thinking of using matt or satin catalyZed spray can paint …
I did consider a fluid resistant epoxy , but i reckon that it probably going to be too thick
any thoughts appreciated thanks

Yes I confess I’m a bit confused what “unrestored” means, I’m interpreting it as, factory original. But as Chris said how many “as left the factory” LM’s are still about? But I’m pretty sure the hose connections in the photo I posted are as per bog standard factory set-up. NB: the vent hose appears to end at the starter motor, it doesn’t (optical illusion), it continues down between the starter and gearbox, and originally the free end is attached to right lower frame rail by a bracket, so it doesn’t flap about. :smiley:


Yep pretty dull, I think matt or satin black will be fine. In practice they get smothered in black brake pad dust… :smiley:

engine breather box pipe (as per the image ) runs down behind starter motor , but which side of frame for bracket and which way around ?

i have just reread the ‘mike h’ post …so that would be the right side of lower frame ,attached to the long gearbox /frame bolt with the tube part of bracket facing inwards ?

Don’t think so - it’s a bit difficult to describe, and I’m failing to find pictures. It’s like a metal loop to hold the hose (not tightly), and the other (smaller) end is attached by one of the rear gearbox cover screws. I think - a while ago someone posted like an exploded drawing of all the parts. Mine never had this BTW.

hello phil
i sent you a private message because i am keen to take up your offer as above

Great offer Phil,
A great offer. This is what the club is about.

Were you asking about the bracket for the end of the engine beather hose? It’s not a LeMans but my V7Sport which has the same arrangement as far as I know. The bracket fits on the right hand end of the gearbox to frame bolt like this.

I’ve seen the bracket fixed the other way round with the flat face to the inside but I am assured this is correct.

that’s the thingy!