Le Mans 1000 Headlight Clips

Maybe everyone knows this already but just in case it may be of some use:-
I spent many hours searching for the little plastic pillars / clips that mount the square headlight unit to the frame on my LM1000.
Guzzi Part No GU147404241451 ‘Clamp - Headlight Bracket’ on Teo Lamers website, also listed on Gutsibits as ‘White plastic adjuster block or beam unit clip for rectangular headlights’.
No Guzzi suppliers have stock. I found that the same part is used on the Fiat 126. An ebay search for ‘Fiat 126 Headlight’ scored several hits and I have just received some from a supplier in Germany for 1 Euro each plus postage.
Several companies in different countries seem to list them.

David, how on earth did you make the connection to the Fiat part? Sounds like an interesting piece of detective work.
Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

Guzzi share many parts with Fiat…

Anybody got a list? Now that would be useful.

This actually is really old news.

I did begin my post with ‘Maybe everyone knows this already’.

So sorry to have bored you.

Sorry if I came across wrong.
Many Fiat parts fit older Guzzi’s.
Also you have to remember I was around when it was new news.

To be fair Ian you were around when Noah’s ark was news! :smiley:

I was the bloke who told him he’d better build it.
He didn’t make it big enough though or we’d still have dinosaurs.
Why is Dinosaurs spelt with an ‘i’, it looks better with a ‘y’?
Or is it American spelling?