Le Mans 1000 Won't pull under load!

Le Mans 1000, starts on the button, ticks over, revs out - all lovely!
Under load it won’t rev or pull, splutters like a goodun, gets a bit smoother with high revs.
Bike was running perfectly a few weeks ago.
Any ideas???

Maybe the carbs, idle jet ok so it will tick over so maybe main jet? Take the carbs apart and clean them might be a start?
Good luck

could also be a damaged plug or lead

Worth taking the float bowls off and checking for water or debris in the fuel. Also check the fuel filters aren’t blocked with crap.
Check also the connections between coils and HT leads, and check other connections such as ignition switch.
These are just easy basic checks, you might have to do a full carb clean out.

Have you got points or electronic ignition?

When my Cali developed a misfire pulling away at low revs it turned out to be a coil starting to fail.

Does it affect both cylinders or just one?

All of the above but I would say more likely to be coils, plugs or leads.
I carry spare plugs and have cured (normally poor running or starting) problems several times by simply replacing the plugs.
Have a look at the old ones.

Everything is new: coils, wiring, everything.
Carbs have been stripped and cleaned and I have checked for any crud in float bowls/ blocked jets.
Really strange as last time out it ran perfectly. One change since: I broke the angled cable guide into the top of the carb and replaced it. I wonder if I inadvertantly changed the needle setting when re assembling??
Will check this tonight. Also I used expensive iridium plugs which a few people have mentioned are no good. Just bought some BP7s and will try them tonight as well…

When they first came out I fitted NGK triple electrodes to my MKIII.
It stopped 3 times on the M6 going to the Scottish.
After the third time I threw them away, refitted the old BP7S’s and she ran fine.
Expensive plugs are a compromise where the plugs are difficult to access.
Moto Guzzi’s are not so don’t waste your money.
Also if you continue to use them, AND, we vote Brexit then Balrogs will roam the country. You have been warned.

^ I concur with the only revision that personally I favour Bosch W5DC, as I’ve tended not to have much joy with NGK’s. Their plug caps with the rubber bootees both ends to keep the rain out are very good tho. But old motors do not need fancy plugs.

D*ckhead alert:

When I changed the right angled shoulder carb top cable thingy I somehow managed to reassemble putting the needle circlip ABOVE the needle plate so the needle was happily doing its own thing.
Now the right way round and all good, doh!

I now welcome lots of abuse but would also like to say we learn from our mistakes!! :sunglasses:

Glad you got it sorted.

Old Chinese proverb " Man (or woman) who never made a mistake, never made nuffink!".

Glad you got it sorted, so it was carbs all along!


you wouldn’t think that lemon has had guzzi’s for over 20 years and make a mistake like this !

you wouldn’t think that lemon has had guzzi’s for over 20 years and make a mistake like this ! [/quote]

more like 30!

Just after Christmas I fitted new front pads to the lil’Breva.
I couldn’t get them to bleed properly despite changing pads in Guzzi’s for over 30 years.
Next weekend had another go, the inboard pad had dropped down and was not held by the pins.
Simple mistake which could have been disastrous had I tried riding the bike.