Le Mans 2 oil pump

Hi, I’m in the process of changing my timing chain and sprockets, so while I was at it I thought ide take a look at the oil pump, as it happens it has a lot of movement in one of the gears (not the gear that runs with needle bearings), so I’m in the process of sourcing another one. My question is:- has any one had any experience of the so called upgraded oil pump that gutsibits sell, or should I stick to a new genuine moto guzzi oil pump? Cheers Chris.

Just looking through Guzziology for something else and came across the note about this as follows"A new high capacity oil pump (3014 6401) and its matching drive sprocket (3013 7700) were introducedin 1991. The new pump’s gears are 16-mm wide in place of the previous pump’s 14-mm gears. It was first used on California III engine number YT 34414, California III i.e. number VY 11307, Mille GT number VT 25277, 10005 number VV 50625, and LeMans V number VV 11811 can be retrofitted to earlier timing-chain models as a complete unit only.