Le mans 850 bearing shells?

I am struggling to find new oversize set of bearings for my mk1 850 le mans engine (mains and big ends). Anyone out there able to help me source some as my rebuild is completely on hold!

Try Fowlers,
(I got some standard size from them)

Do you mean Fowlers at Bristol?

:+1: yes,
Agostini’s had them but you needed to make up the value of the order to make it worth their while to post them…
The UK price was about the same as the Italian price.

Many thanks Phil. Thurns out it was the drive side bearing carrier I actually needed (i have a chap who is rebuilding the engine for me), and Steine Dinse have std and 3 x undersizes all in stock, so happy days, i can finally get things moving and grab some summer fun!
Really appreciate your help!