Le mans 850 seat strap.

Can someone please give me the length(from eyelet to eyelet of the seat strap used on the 850 le mans 1 and 2. Also thickness at widest point(ends) and narrow section. Thanks. Pedantic one

Sorry I can’t as mine is missing!

Erm this may sound real silly BUT get an old leather belt take the seat off wrap it around and then measure it!

Hell Guzzis are often never the same anyway so as long as it fits and reaches it will “look” right. Or am I being far too simple here?

Get the length and measurements correct and this lady will make a strap from leather with eyelets she has done some fantastic work for me

Linda 3 Hawksworth Rd Minehead, Somerset TA24 5BZ 01643 703033 Tell Linda YOU are Guzzi Club reccomended by Ken… guzzibear2013-09-19 22:55:00

We use belts from charity shop and an eyelet kit from Dunelm Mills.

In case anyone is wondering, the seat strap is by default all that a pillion has got to hold onto on a LM 1 & 2 Unless you also put a rear carrier on or summat like with a grab rail
Mike H2013-09-21 13:20:24

Unless one grasps the driver firmly about the middle or invests in one of them grab belts often advertised. Since the questioner signs as “pedantic”, guess originality is the target.

Hi Sean, on my reproduction strap from Steine Dinse, I have got the following measurements.

Total belt length is 61.5 cm.
Eyelet to eyelet centres 56.5cm.
Eyelet “holes” are 1.4 cm diameter.
Widest part of belt (ends) are 5cm wide.
Narrowest part of belt is 2.7cm wide and is 23cm long at this width before starting to taper out to both ends.
Therefore from the centre point of the belt it is 2.7cm wide for 11.5 cm (23cm total)before gradually widening to 5 cm at the ends (in both directions).
The belt on mine stretches about 1cm when pulling it over the peg on the right hand side…so belt is slightly stretchy and is taught over the seat when fitted.

Hope this helps. If you want any further clarity just ask.

ReggieVReggieV2013-09-22 21:31:07

Reggie you’re a star! Mate of mine makes these and just wanted original measurements…