Le mans coils

Will the coils from a Mk5 Le Mans work on a Mk1 Le Mans with electronic ignition??

depends on which elec ign some use 6v coils bud

Coils for use with contact breakers normally have a resistance of 3 ohms so after market electronic ignitions designed to replace contact breakers, such as the Newtronic (Pirhana), are designed to use 3 ohm coils too.

OEM electronic ignition systems often use 1.5 ohm coils so you need to know what coils will suit your particular electronic ignition system.

on the gutsibits website they sell the same coil for Mk1,2,3,4&5 so I figure my Mk5 ones will work in my Mk1.But on the top of the coils on the Mk1 is stamped 6f.WTF does that mean? Could it represent 6 volts? with an f??shurely shome mishtake…

What is the reason for the original question? Q2 ~ which brand electronic ignition…