Le mans foam seat

Anyone know of anything(spray, polish etc) that will bring up the colour/shine on an original lemans 850 foam seat?

Armorall will make it shiny, but also very slippery.Aren’t they supposed to be semi matt?

Yes Ian, I guess you’re right…I wonder would boot polish work?? Just something to blacken it up…Might try that ‘back to black’ stuff…Doesn’t have to be super shiny.

Boot polish OK, just don’t wear the white leathers afterwards.

Boot polish it is so!!

But make sure you use a very soft brush.

And Kiwi, only the best will do.Actualy they’re all owned by the same company now.

I don’t think you can beat Cherry Blossom personally

Use one of the Three Musketeers…

The ‘Dark Tan Yin’…

I’ll get my coat…

Autoglym plastic conditioner very good, brings up piping, intake rubbers etc too, x

I use Mink oil on the balux , leathers and the seat keeps it supple and looking good the mink oil on e-bay is good for vynil as well.

I popped in an offer and it was accepted


Cheers Ian and GB! Have to try that mink oil! Boot polish on it so far and much better. Happy out!


I use Autoglym Bumper and Trim Gel -bl**dy brilliant stuff, cannot recommend it highly enough. Brings faded dull plastic back to like new…

Now that is going to be bl##dy nice when it is complete.

Yes I just clicked on the image and saw plenty of others. As Ian says -a beauty, well done…

i think i would have spend money on some wheels an tyres not the seat