Le Mans panniers question

I’m currently running a V50 Monza on the Guzzi front but I’m having a little look round for an 850 Le Mans.
I’m looking for a Mk3 as I don’t think my pockets are deep enough for an earlier model.
I would like to use it for touring, nothing serious, couple of weeks max., days no more than 200 miles.
No pillion and no camping.

Does anyone know if soft throw over panniers would work, any problems with the indicators, any recommended types ?
Thanks very much.

Theres a way round most things…and the Mk 3 is a physically roomier bike than 1s and 2s…

Used Oxford throwovers plus a waterproof tote bag on my Mk111 with no ill effects apart from getting my little legs over and off the luggage while the bike was perched on the precarious side stand, a gearbox mounted stand solved the problem.

Thank you Duffo, appreciated.
And also belated thanks to Kate.

No worries Hustler and good luck…3’s are sweet…