Le Mans V front wheel spoke conversion

So I have a hub, bearing carriers, disc carriers and discs (yet to get a rim) for my MkV Le Mans.Doesn’t fit :(Well it fits but won’t turn as the disc bolts which protrude about 1 mm foul with the forks.I had it on good authority (ahem!!) that it would fit…Any one out there done this?Am I going to have to shave off some of the disc carrier? Are there slightly shallower bearing carriers available?Any one know a good engineer in South London / Surrey area??

Hi Lemon, first question is, are the discs going to run centrally in the brake calipers? If not then some machining of the hubs is likely to be required. Next question, how deep are the bolt heads and nuts? If they are full depth and the discs line up OK, should be possible to machine 2mm off each. Hope this helps.
Happy new year, Gerry.

And the swing arm will need modification to accept the brake torque plate.
I looked at doing this with my LM 5 years ago, was going to use borrani T3 rims.

I gave up on the idea due to cost and complexity.
It is doable and now I have more time (but sadly not money) I might be inclined to try again, with the right bike.

I didn’t think changing the front wheel would affect the swing arm and brake anchoring plate.For machining, try to contact Paul at Corsa Italiana, he has loads of contacts. Baldrick would also know I’m sure.

Giving the problem a little more thought, how are the bolts coming anywhere near the forks as pretty well all Guzzi discs are dished?Cheers, Gerry.

Are you going from a 16" to an 18" wheel and disks?

Head on over to RevivalCycles for something that you may like the look of.



theone&onlymin2014-01-03 20:53:43

Oops, good point Brian Just assumed both wheels were being replaced. Must learn to read

OK I was being blind! Simple really: put the original Mk5 discs back on the original 18" wheel and measured the distance between the outer edges of the discs which is 120mmThen measured the distance on the Mk1 and it’s 130mm.So 5mm off each bearing carrier should do the trick.(I believe the Le Mans 2 is also narrower than a Mk1??)Baldrick has put me in touch with a company in Wallington who say they can do it.For Lawrie: oh sh*t, am I going to have problems with the rear wheel too as yes I have a T3 hub :(For Duffo: Le Mans up to 1990 have flat discs, don’t know about modern ones…