Leads/plugs - Cali 1100i

What are the best silicon plug leads and caps to use on my cali 96 1100i and where to buy

Just IMHO, post No. 4 … http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?f=30&t=202389

I use carbon fibre leads on my bikes

i want red ones

I still have the old copper ones the Spada left the factory with 35 years ago, never found any need to change them.I have fitted NGK plug caps as they take a lot of beating for reliability.

the leads on the V11 Le Mans are red and carbon fiber inside silicone outer

Carbon fibre is fine I guess until you need to do emergency repairs by the side of the road, then suddenly you’re wishing you had dead simple copper wires

I got red ones!

Mine are black, must be faster. More or less any plug lead will be fine, and get decent caps, such as the NGK ones. Remember you are supposed to have some ignition suppression in the system, so you either need resistive caps or resistive leads. I would go for the resistive caps and use copper leads. Colour is of course your choice.
Brian UK2013-10-07 17:06:23

Cheers all going copper/ red

Approve of the red

Red…Bit tarty if you ask me

Does that mean you’re riding a Moto Floozi?