LED on the Cali'

Out of all the bike forums I frequent, this one is the most difficult to download photos to!!! FFS!!The thumbs down on the thread title relates to my ineptitude at downloading photos, as opposed to my opinion of the lights.

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Only members with sufficient permission can access this page.This is despite logging in on either or the members area home log in, or the quick log in.

More a case of the infrequency of posting photos!!!

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Top one obviously with the flash fired.

Looks like you are sorted DazGuzzi2013-11-30 21:26:10

Hand held with no flash and the leds as the only light source, they are not as bright as that in reality, the reflection on the screen is not a distraction. You can gauge for yourself to some extent, we all know that the dash lights are not that bright!! I suppose I should set the camera to manual, so that the true illumination is found. Not sure if I can be bothered!!!Hmm, the camera is still set for summer time. LOL

1150GS2013-11-30 21:32:22

I like the brightness that high they will reflect back in mist/fog and such tho buddy … I may get a pair of those for the Le mans they are small enough to be less noticable in daytime.

How bright are they in daylight?

I’ll take some photos at the weekend.They are bright enough to shine through my fingers. Out of curiosity, tonight in an unlit dual carriageway, I turned my headlight off, I could see where I was going. I wouldn’t want to ride like that, but, they throw out a lot of light.
1150GS2013-12-02 19:35:27

As they are not shielded in any way, they may well be illegal to use after dark. Do they turn off when you dip the headlight?

…they may also be rules around positioning - e.g height? Sorry if Brian and I are taking some of the brightness out of your idea…

Who gives a flip.I would rather be seen

And crashed into when you blind the driver coming the other way?
Target fixation applies to all.Brian UK2013-12-03 09:15:52

I do not know if the rules have changed BUT when I last looked into spotlights there are restrictions as to how and when they can be used and the height they can be fixed depending on the vehicle.

I tend to follow the asthetics. Mine are mounted on the indicators so they hit the drivers eye without blinding or whatever.

My spots go ON with the main beam OR can be used with the pilot light. the Angel eyes can work independantly.

they are wired into the sidelight.Compared to having a car coming at you with badly adjusted HIDs these are as nothing.1150GS2013-12-03 19:54:42

You may well have problems in poor weather, such as fog (or snow if you are that unlucky) with the light reflecting back. Thats why foglights were invented to put a very low beam onto the road so that you don’t get the glare from the fog/snow.On my Spada I wired the LED with the earth side going to the headlight dip filament. This allowed the LED to work as long as you were not on dipped headlight. Gets round all the possible problems.However, your bike, your licence, your life, your decision.
Brian UK2013-12-04 09:04:08

However, your bike, your licence, your life, your decision.Thank you reverend.Not a single vehicle has flashed its lights at me to indicate that the LEDs are blinding them.

1150GS2013-12-04 21:09:50