led ratings?

As a safety precaution - for bright days, I want to set up an led indicator lamp on my dash. The couple of pre-wired ones I tried so far only work for a very short time. It’s wired to the flasher unit (12 volt / 23 Watt / 6 Amp) Do i need a particular ‘type’ of led or should these bog standard 12V lamps cope?

I had this problem too. Standard 12v LEDs would fail quickly. I came to the conclusion that they had no safety margin and the Guzzi charging system, which is regulated at about 14.5v, was causing them to fail.

I bought some automotive specific LEDs from Vehicle Wiring Products and they have lasted for 4 years now.

Excellent!! Thanks gtm. It was baffling me why they weren’t lasting. Never thought about the charging rate going over 12 volts. I’ll pay vwp a visit now

OH POO - I didn’t know LEDS had a tendency to die

I’ve just fitted a set of these http://www.crazyleds.co.uk/286-T5-2xPLCC-2-Capless-LED.html for exactly the same reason you did tris2014-06-25 13:26:51

Depends, they have a safe current limit, exceed that and they become toast. If the dropper resistor puts the operating current at its max. for 12V, then I can see how 14V would put it over the safe limit. Won’t fail immediately but go dim over time.

I’ve ordered one from vwp, they couldn’t find the voltage range but assured me it was ‘vehicle specific’ and so should cope with any variations. We’ll see. A tad more expensive than off Amazon (£7 delivered) but if it works I’ll be happy with that. Combined with the sound emitter - which is audible to about 30mph - i should eliminate the risk and maybe live a bit longer

just to update and close this. Part No LED607B from Vehicle Wiring Products did the job and is surviving the voltage variations.
thanks for the tip gtmdriver