Lemans 2 air valves on top of forks

Can someone outline what the air valves with dust caps are for on the top of my forks. I have recently replaced fork seals. They area to be the same as a tyre valve. ? Can’t find reference to them in my manuals.


The forks are air assisted.

You can put air pressure into them using a tyre pump. It allows you to adjust the springing slightly.

On my FAC forks the useable range is from 7 - 28 psi but I’m not sure about your forks. I run with about 10 psi in when touring fully loaded.

You have to be careful when putting air in as the internal volume is very small and a couple of strokes on a foot pump will raise the pressure more than you expect.

Do you find the air makes any difference?I stopped bothering, and then I T boned a Cavalier and replaced them with Marzzochi 38mm.

It doesn’t make an noticeable difference to the spring rate when you’re just driving along but it stops the forks bottoming out over potholes and heavy braking.

With me, my wife and all the luggage aboard the all up weight is near enough half a tonne so the air in the forks helps out.

That’s Great

I will pump and observe.