Lemans 2 Brembo bleed nipples

Took off my calipers for general clean through. Previous owner has rounded off the bleed nipple on of of the calipers. Ordered two more but replacements are not long enough. The replacements measure around 29mm over all with about 15mm below the hex part. The old ones are longer by about 3-4mm so the new ones don’t seat. Guzzibits have nothing else, not checked motomecca but does anyone have the same problem. Am I right to assume my calipers are not original. They are the single bleed type and we are talking the front calipers.

Any suggestions welcome.

You mention the hex is rounded off, if there is enough metal on what’s left of the hex it may be possible to file the sides, either just 2 sides or 4 for a square, that way you could use a spanner to tighten and loosen the old nipples until you can source the correct pair.

I would imagine the correct lengths are available as Brembos were fitted to many makes of bikes/cars and by quoting the calliper type you should be able to get the correct ones.

As far as I know the bleed nipple should be 18mm deep so you’ve got the usual calipers and the wrong bleed nipples. They’re shown on the Stein Dinse website here http://www.stein-dinse.biz/Brembo/Supplies-spare-parts/Entlueftungsnippel/Bleeder-screw-08-M10-18mm-silver-incl-Cap::4442.html The trouble with getting things from them is the minimum postage charge. But you must be able to get one over here somewhere.

Single nipple calipers are the later ones…which is good as they are a) easier to bleed and b) probably do not have corrosive-friendly pistons! Never had an issue sourcing correct nips in UK but have not bought any recently so cannot quote supplier name. As has been said, very common fitment on Italian bikes.

Thanks for this. Never ordered from these folks before.

I think I have sorted it through Motomecca. As the previous post notes, they should be hard to source as I don’t think my calipers are unusual

Tried this but can not get enough purchase on the flats to seal. I think the seat of the nipple is slightly corroded which doesn’t help. Hope all sorted through Motomecca

What pads do you use? I avoid Brembo’s own as, although they last a longgggggggg time, other makes stop better…which is better!!!