Lemans 2 Tyres

Have to get tyres for my lemans 2. Does anyone have any recommendations - makes / sizes.


SizesFront 100/90 x 18Rear 110/90 x 18As for what you fit, there is a multitude of tyres out there, I personally wouldn’t fit Avon Roadriders but prefer the Bridgestone BT45 Battleaxe (Never thought I would recommend Bridgestone tyres) Tyres are a matter of choice and no doubt 30 peopleon here will come up with 30 different recommendations

I’ve always been really happy with BT45s too on my big Guzzis. Excellent grip dry and wet, and last a while too. Apparently Pirelli Sport Demons are the bollox but I’ve never tried them…

Agree with the 2 above.

Look no further than Pirelli Sport Demons. As already said avoid Avon Roadriders.

How much for a set of Sport Demons?

Google is your friend!

Recently mail ordered a set from mytyres.co.uk


This is actually a rear, description is wrong (Google Pirelli 1404500 for confirmation)

You’ve no idea how long it took me to write this! Keep losing Internet connection
Mike H2014-07-31 18:28:14

[QUOTE=italianmotor]How much for a set of Sport Demons?[/QUOTE]Around £160 a pair, not fitted.

Thanks! Don’t know if I would have the energy to fit them myself - don’t mind the smaller wheels for my singles.

Thanks! Don’t know if I would have the energy to fit them myself -

I buy 'em then have the bike shop over the road put 'em on, I take each wheel off in turn and carry it over.

Mike H2014-08-01 14:58:21


Not arff.

Guy at the bike shop I get my MOTs done fits mine. Every time he refuses to do them, then says, ‘just leave them’, whinges like hell, continues the p*ss take and verbal abuse but does them and only charges a tenner a wheel.

He’s not big but he does modern redials onto alloys by hand using 2 x 6" levers, no rim protectors and never leaves a mark. Makes it look easy too!

I get the impression my MOT guy who is great makes a few quid on the cost of tyres so isn’t that keen to just fit them. I always end up nipping the tube on the big bike tyres so have learned it’s best for someone else to do it.

Had both BT 45’s and Sport Demons. BT 45’s are much older technology, but are good, wear well and reasonably sticky. Sport Demons will last less miles, but are much better for spirited riding, but you can’t go wrong with either…

Conti classic attacks are available in correct sizes,not heard feedback yet but sound promising,might try then next.

A friend was telling about the Contis the other day, apparently they are fantastic BUT quite a bit more expensive than the others mentioned above. Hey my 1000th post - do I get a prize?italianmotor2014-08-02 20:33:17

My last LM2 had a 120/90/18 rear, worked ok, was easy to put the bike on the centre stand,

But a question, should the LM have tubes or tubeless,

I only ask, as my last LM2 was without inner tubes, but my latest seems to have tubes fitted!ianboydsnr2014-08-02 21:44:03

Personally I would go Tubes. Tubeless wasn’t available when these bikes were built, although I have heard of people running them tubeless.

As they’re alloy wheels, should in theory be able to take tubeless. Whether they actually can in reality depends on how well the rim can make a good seal with the tyre bead.

Am going to ask Jim-over-the-road to have a go at fitting as tubeless, to see if it’s possible.