Lemans 2 Worn distributer

Does anyone know whether there are spares in terms of gears for the distributer on a standard lemans 2. I have dyna electronic ignition but there is a lot of slack and I think it is primarily due to the worn drive gear coming off the camshaft


I think that slack is normal. Very much doubt a new distributor gear will make much if any difference, and in any case to do the job properly also requires a new camshaft gear hence new camshaft. And it’ll still be slack IMHO.

Years ago I changed the fibre gear on the bottom of the distributor, being convinced it was the cause of the poor running of my Le-Mans 2. The new one was just as slack as the old one and made no difference at all.
Unless you have done a huge mileage, it is unlikely to be worn.

Thanks for this. Reassuring. When timing I always rotate in the direction of the engine as specified to take up the slack.

Mine has done around 75K - ridden regularly and tatty.



Timing is best done with a strobe using the full advance marks. This does involve revving it up to araound 5000 revs till it is fully advanced and using a decent strobe light.
Best done when the neighbours are out!

And while trying to keep up with it as it shuffles round the garage!!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Very true.

It’s even more fun on a Convert, as, unless you cable tie the clutch lever, the rear wheel is whizzing round at an indicated 95 mph at full advance.

I gave up trying to use a strobe, because of the aforementioned slack the timing mark(s) wander about so much in the bell housing window.

Me too. In fact i am fed up with trying to time my Spada which runs a Newtronic ignition, its a pig to get right, so now changing to a crank driven ignition, and the dizzy goes in the bin!!!

Keep the dizzy, someone will want it soon.

Guzzinut I’m surprised your having problems timing the SP. Mine has Newtronics on it and it’s fine. I set it at max advance using a decent Xenon strobe. The final setting was a bit of a compromise one slightly ahead of the mark and the other a bit behind, but these motors are quite forgiving.

I learned to do it static then fine tune by tweaking it after riding tests.

Its not really me that does it, i have a mate helping out. However Gavin at the bike hospital fitted the Newtronic some years ago and said he had the devils own getting the timing right,
and after a recent rebuild my mate and i had similar issues, and i still think its a bit off, hence my conclusion that the dizzy is worn out. I understand they are known for this, and with 76,000 on the clock i feel its worth the expence to swap it out. Peace of mind is priceless.
Oh and Ian, i will keep dizzy for spares or to give to a good home, dont worry.