Lemans 3, footrest and gearchange and footbrake parts d

Has any kind person got a diagram of the footrest ,gearchange and footbrake arrangement ,that they could post on here ?
I am just starting to convert my Cali 1100 , 1995 to conventional footrests in the Lemon position . I have 850 Mk 3 gearchange and footbrake levers ,I think that I can use my gearchange pivot pin on the lm lever and I think that the threaded hole in front of the first rear frame rail mount will do for the brake pedal but a picture would clear things up .

Where do you live?
I have a set of MKI-II footrest hangers plus pegs and levers you could try up if you are near Oxfordshire.

Kind Offer but I’m in north east Scotland . Could you e mail me a picture with a few dimensions ,if it’s not too much faffing . Been looking at the fine threaded hole on my frame rail that looked like the brake pedal would pivot on ,when I offered up the brake lever the clutch arm was in the way and now that I think of it my old T3 clutch arm could not be positioned for an efficient pull because of the brake pivot .
Just this afternoon I have been making up a mounting plate for brake side footrest and brake pivot ,I think I have it figured out ,but a picture would help a lot .

Unfortunately I do not have a camera.