Lemans II uj

Hi this has probably already been asked (although I couldn’t find it with a search) but does anyone know of anyone still selling reconditioned UJ’s? There was someone I got one from 15 years ago, although God knows what’s happened to them…thanksKevin

TRY NBS or Gutsibits or Reboot

Someone in the past used these guys in Gateshead to recondition their old UJ, I seem to recall it was about £80, although that was a couple of years agoCPS Drivelink

I once got mine reconned by Firow in Northwich Cheshire. Worked fine.Rob

Richard Bailey of Notts Branch did mine, I think also Nigel at NBS can do it and possibly Ray Ex smoking biker may not sure on that tho’

The difficulty with doing them is sourcing the replacement crosses and needle roller bearings, apparently nothing is standard sizes on them.

Hi thanks everyone - yeah, the guy from NBS does them, and is extremely helpful as well. But in the end, a friend has swapped me a good UJ for some bits.just trying to stay beneath the radar here as always.

Always difficult to source the repair kits for the UJ, family member who worked for GKN assured me they were based on the steering UJ from a Lamborgini tractor, sounds about right!G.

I read once that you could use parts from the steering column of a DAF truck!