Lemans Mk2 Engine compression

Had my compression checked a while back with the following readings. Left bank - 192 hot 181 cold Right bank 186 hot 177 cold. My local help (who knows his harley’s but is less familiar with my old guzzi) said it was good for an old bike. What am I aiming for?

Don’t know what the exact figures should ideally be, but both are fairly high, and roughly the same. You may have a valve leaking on one side.Have you thought of doing a leak down test? Basically put each pot on TDC and pressurise it though the plug hole somehow. An old spark plug can be used to facilitate this. You can then see where the leak is, if it is out of one of the ports or crankcase.


I will research this a little more. I think I saw a you tube of this a while ago.Excuse my ignorance but I presume we are talking air pressure here.