Lil'Breva clutch whining.

Coming into work past a school at 20mph my clutch started whining. This lasted a mile and then went away.
No loss of drive that I noticed and the clutch is about 2,000 miles old.
Had the same whine happened over the w/e I wouldn’t have noticed it as I was travelling too fast.
I shall hopefully ride it home tonight with no problems but thought I’d ask if anyone had any ideas?

was it whining when you pulled the clutch in or when riding with the clutch out

Seen a few small blocks shatter the rear clutch bearing as they were left with out pressure when the clutch was changed

Just riding along.
It has been fine since.

That’s really strange. I have a Nevada Anniversario 750 just over a year old from new and with 9000 miles on the clock. In the past couple of months I have heard a strange whistling noise - usually early on during a ride - that goes away if I change gear or just pull the clutch out. I thought it might be alternator bearings?? But as the performance of the bike doesn’t seem to be affected I’m leaving well alone for the time being. Does anyone have any ideas or can anyone shed light on this phenomenon?

My whining came back last Friday.
It definitely seems to be from the gearbox end of the bike.
I haven’t looked at it yet as I have been playing with the Bellagio.

if the gearbox hs lost oil and run low ( not much in it) the imput shaft bearing can fail, that makes a whining sound like an alternator
it usually goes when the drive shaft gets corroded and takes out the output shaft seal
or when some muppet forgets to refill the gearbox as in my case

gearbox oil low or tail clutch bearing failing… check before it welds the push rod to the flywheel

Bit of a long shot this one but so quick and easy to check that it would be silly not to rule it out. My nevada had a intermitant wistling from around 6k miles,i tried in vain to find the cause. Eventualy at 11k miles while washing the bike one day I noticed a rusty stain around the front wheel bearing seal (off side), I checked for wheel bearing play and sure enough the bearing on that side was shot. After having the bearings changed … no more wistling.
Hopefully the above will be of help to somone as looking at Ian’s request for a beval box it looks like he’s found the problem. Whats your milage on the breva now Ian?

Hi Kate, 49 k miles.
The whine is from a worn bevel box and I am trying to source a replacement.
Thoroughly loving the Bellagio at the moment, even at -6c when the key freezes in the ignition and needs boiling water to free it.