Linked brakes, 1994 California

Decided to put the Cali’ into my newly rented garage today. Its been standing outside for several months. The last time I tried to move it, the brake pads had rusted to the front discs, I had to undo the calliper bolts and “release” them with a hide mallet. I didnt ride the bike after doing this, just bought a cover for it.
The linked brake pedal ( I have the extended long pedal) went below the footboard when pressed!

I didnt have the time or inclination to investigate much more, than to find out, that when on the main stand in neutral, while the rear wheel slowly rotates, the brake pedal does stop the rear wheel.
I couldn’t see any brake fluid leaking, so I guess the seals have gone in the master cylinder.
I will try bleeding the brakes at some time, although I’m quite sure this is mot the problem.

Any ideas anyone?

Have you tried operating the brake lever a few times as it will have a long travel if the pads have been pushed back in the caliper and should return to normal once the pads are against the disc again

Tried that, didn’t work.

If it’s been standing a long time and water has got into the master cylinder I’m guessing it’s scrap; that’s what happened to my R80, needed a complete new M/C, was corroded inside.

Needs a strip down to have a look-see.

Only standing a few months

As you say I would fit a new seal / piston kit first as the symptoms you describe would fit.

I agree with Ian, it sounds like seals, the pistons might be ok to clean up, but you will have to take the calipers apart to find out.

PS if it were the seals they would show leakage, so if dry just change the fluid and bleed as noted below

Pu fresh fluid in and bleed it up,don’t forget to bleed front left aswell

And how long before that since it last had any maintenance?

I changed the brake fluids about two years ago. :slight_smile:

ordered myself a Mityvac, Not overly fond of spending ages laying on the floor bleeding brakes, espacially in an unheated, unpowered garage. I’ll have a close look for leaks first, although they should have been obvious after riding the bike to the garage.

Something I will have to do one day.

A couple of thoughts/comments

  1. Vac bleeder did diddily squat on my 95 Cali rear brake in that it wouldn’t pull any fluid - had to revert to the good old push and hold technique.
  2. remember the bleed nipple on the proportioning valve
  3. proportioning valve not dead is it?
  4. does it stop the front wheel? IMO if it doesn’t prob points to the master cylinder if it does prob proportioning valve
  5. Good Luck!!!


Where is that? I didn’t bleed that one, when I changed the fluid before.

Mine’s on the left hand side under the sidepanel. Follow the hose back from the rear caliper and you’ll find it.

That’s sounds right - IIRC you can just about see it with the seat off from above

Fitted the new piston assembly, the old seals
were noticeably worn.