LM II Carb orientation

I have just got my LM II running again after 14 years in the back of the garage. I notice that both throttle cables are fouling the fuel taps on both carbs. I have the carbs vertically aligned, but I saw a picture in the workshop manual showing them angled inwards so that the throttle cables go inside of the fuel taps, I assume that this is my mistake, but It seems odd to me to have the carbs not vertical, any LM owners with advice please?

Interesting, my LM1 had the bell-crank tops, so the cables exited forwards (and inboard of the frame rails) so that interference could never arise. I presume yours are the round-top ones? But certainly there are carbs that are angled inward slightly.

Mine have bell crank tops and I angle mine in as it avoids the clash with the fuel taps. As far as I am aware this makes no difference to the running.

Ah well there ya go, I don’t remember an interference if not leaned in but was a long long time ago. :smiley:

Thanks all, I have angled them in. MoT passed on Monday yippee!