LM paint match

Can anyone recommend a good paint match for the Le Mans 2 red? Will need to be a rattle can as I just need to do the front mudguard David

Quite a bit of information here. Check out the links on those pages too.
There is also a thread on paint codes in our FAQ section.Brian UK2013-05-28 10:06:03

My Mk3 is closest to VW Audi Mars red, problem is I don’t know if it’s original paint or not. Lots of cars out there you can have a look at to see.

Many older guzzis although they rarelty quote colour paint numbers I found used Fiat colour range, or maybe it is just luck.

Thank you all

Closest match I could find was Fiat Red Orange. I took a side panel in with me and the colour match was pretty much spot on