LM1 cable route/length question.

I’ve bought some Venhill throttle cables for my LM1, and they are give or take 5mm the same as was fitted on the bike when I got it i.e. 105cm from nipple to nipple. I have tried to route the cable several ways, and ways to lose cable length as it were, as they appear to be about 5cm too long and I cannot find what I would call a"good" route that I am happy with. I am thinking of returning them to Venhill to shorten, but based on the fact that the cables that came with the bike are the same lenght, I’m just wondering…is it me that’s an incompetant. Therefore to other LM owners with 105 cm cables, where do you route yours. (Feeling rather embarrased asking such a simpleton question!)
ReggieV2013-02-16 15:38:14

I have long cables on my V1000 find it ok to have a longer loop to the throttle as per teh old Brit bikes, it keeps the action smooth the bigger dia loop you have from tank to throttle is actually desirable.

Looks like you are crossing them to the left side behind the steering head. Also mine didn’t have the swept back metal tubes. (?) Mine went straight down from the twistgrip, large radius generous curve backward, then under the nose of the tank RIGHT hand side then straight back into the carb tops from there. Plenty of freedom to move is the name of the game, do not add more bends by pushing it through other places. Ditto do not tie down with cable-ties. HTH
Mike H2013-02-16 17:21:31

PS: fitting new cables is always a PITA so not just you. PPS: your bike is too disgustingly clean.
Mike H2013-02-16 17:24:31

As Mike says, think on my LeMans 1 and now on S3 (easier as no fairing) I would loop in front of the first fork leg, below headlampbracket, then loop them round behind headlamp, back inside other fork leg then follow Mike’s route. I’ve never bothered with Venhill stuff, original cables always been fine lots of lube with cable oiler and good routing, the ones on my S3 been there for 16 years, make sure the rubber grip on throttle has a decent gap between it and Tomasselli throttle body too for nice fast light action.italianmotor2013-02-16 18:20:43

Adam, did you mean like this? Mike H wrote; PPS: your bike is too disgustingly clean. That’s because I have cleaned it. It’s yet to turn a wheel in my ownership yet, but hopefully it will be running by April. Thanks for the replies.

It’s sorted thanks. In front of the right hand fork leg, below the headlamp mounting, under and in beteen the bottom yoke and fairing, into the frame and to carbs I had considered trying in front of the right hand fork leg (it was about the only option I didn’t try) but I didn’t think that the cable would go that direction “smoothly.” So I’m a bit embarassed at having to ask for such a basic function, but once again has led to the solution for me. So thanks again. I suppoose I ought to have looked at the (many) pictures that I took as I dismantled it.

Noooo problem we all have these moments, and it is what the forum is for, it helps with many things

Sorry, late reply, but that’s exactly what I meant, but I’d stick 'em one side or t’other of the tacho cable. Pleased you got it sorted…


Adam, did you mean like this?  Mike H wrote; PPS: your bike is too disgustingly clean.  That’s because I have cleaned it. It’s yet to turn a wheel in my ownership yet, but hopefully it will be running by April. Thanks for the replies.[/QUOTE]