LM1 Clocks

Hi Folks,

Taking delivery of my LM1 tomorrow :smiley: It’s a Euro import so speedo in Km (only). What are the options for changing to MPH? Do I need a whole clock or can I change the face etc?

Seen one or two clocks on Ebay at huge cost so i might be going the bits of sticky tape route…


Use sticky tape.
Why pay a fortune for something that is notoriously inaccurate?
Congratulations on the LM1 of course.

If you have a hobby/model shop around then they sell smalls tins of fluorescent paint which can be used to mark the 10MPH sections.
Overlay plastic labels have pretty much disappeared since they were made ilegal a few years ago. Our local importer was heartbroken at having to throw away a box of them :open_mouth:
Good luck with the LM


I think the answer to that is that having spent a fortune on a bike I’d ideally like to avoid bits o’ tape on the speedo but having spent said fortune my pockets is empty…

Blimey, didn’t know the stick-on faces were illegal, thanks for that. Paint sounds a good idea.

I might just rely on mental maths given the alleged optimism of the speedo; besides I’m fully expecting the cable to break on my first ride… :smiley:


Paint is difficult to remove.
I use thin red tape.

There’s actually a Netherlands vendor on Ebay who has some reasonably priced used clocks. I think LM1 speedo is Part No. 14 76 15 50 - the T5 clock looks similar but different part No. Expect they’re different but can anyone confirm?


Speedy cables in S Wales have just refurbished my clocks, I think they can do it, but make a note of any quote they give you and don’t use them if you are in a hurry, otherwise their work is excellent.