LM2 Rear Brake Pressure (none!)

Hello all.

Well Im a bit stumped so I thought Id ask those clevererer than me!

Ive replaced my footrests with Tarozzi rearsets. This doesnt seem to have affected master cylinder plunger travel. I also replaced the rear brake caliper with a new single bleed one, new brake line to caliper and line between splitter & master cylinder. Ive also rebuilt the master cylinder.

When I came to refill the fluid via a syringe from the rear caliper I initially could not force any into the system. I then lifted the rear brake lever a touch and the fluid soon filled the master cylinder.

The trouble is when I press the rear brake it travels the full length with no pressure whatsoever. As I say, fluid is coming back up the system with the syringe but nothing in the other direction. If I press the pedal with a pipe on the bleed nipple Im getting next to nothing through the bleed nipple.

Any obvious mistakes or things to check? I figured its now time for a post! Many thanks in advance!

Try pumping the pedal up and down for a few minutes, it sometimes takes a while to get the pads back in position and gripping onto the disc. Try bleeding it the conventional way and make sure you go round all the different bleed nipples, including the one on the back of the splitter (assuming there is one on the Lemans unit), both front and rear calipers. Elevating the front one helps as it can be a bugger to get the air out of the downward leg to the front left one. Slacken the banjo off on the end of the master cylinder and see if it is pumping, there have been cases of seals on the wrong way round etc preventing it from working.Do you get a squirt of fluid in the reservoir when you pump the pedal up and down?For bleeding I always use one of these Great once you get used to just using the pedal. It acts as a one way valve, no press tighten, slacken, press, tighten etchttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Solo-Brake-Clutch-Bleeder-Automatic-Bleed-Pipe-Tube-Brand-New-/111340829148?pt=UK_Cars_Parts_Vehicles_Other_Vehicle_Parts_Accessories_ET&hash=item19ec6e39dc


Thanks Don. Had another go at it yesterday & have managed to get a bit of air out of it and got the caliper to bite. I think the airlock is around the splitter. The pedal still has a lot of travel though. I have a version of that bleed pipe so will have another go tomorrow hopefully. Meanwhile it’s been left with a large sledgehammer carefully balanced, head compressing the pedal, handle resting on RH rocker cover!

You can adjust the gap between the arm and the piston on the master cylinder by rotating the eccentric cam on the pivot. That can alter the resting position of the lever.