location of neutral switch on stelvio's

Can anyone tell me where the neutral switch is on the stelvio as neutral light has started flickering and killing the engine at tick over with side stand down I think is is just a loose connection but need to get it fixed before friday as I will be going to the scottish rally regards Keith

Keith, it’s on the top of the box at the back.
See the parts list. Scroll down to page 57 - Transmission Cage. Item 10.
If that one is not your actual model, you can get the list of other parts books here. But the switch is the same regardless.

found the switch but have no idear how to get to it as it is on the top right of the gearbox behind the right had frame member and brake reservoir,and underneath the bracing for the frame.I have sprayed contact cleaner on it and found that one of the beeather pipes had been mis routed at the factory so that it dischaged straight on to it . so will give it a go. If that does not sort it then I still have a few weeks warranty left so will be seeing my not so local dealer as Lincolnshire seems to be the bermuda triangle for moto guzzi dealers no sooner does one open than they stop selling Guzzi’sregards Keith

Thanks Brianwas just writing a reply when you posted regards Keith

I remember reading the same query on Guzzitech, te problem there ended up being a bad connection further up the wiring loom, there may be another connector higher up on the frame.

I had the same problem on my Bellagio. The problem with mine was the connector on the nuetral switch. The connector attached to the wiring corrodes. To remove it, it comes off from the side, horizontally do not pull it vertically. Had to strip half the bike down to get at it.

you can see how rusty the connector was form the pic.

symptoms were intermittent neutral light and engine would not start whether the clutch was pulled in or not. so click no start no light!

I had the same on a 'lil’breva neutral light switch. They locate them where they are exposed to the most road crud but cannot access it without fingers like ET…‘owwwwwch’

I sprayed acf50 all over the switch as best i could yesterday and used the bike quite a bit today and it has nto caused me any more trouble so I think you are right that it is/was corrosion on the spade connector.Time will tell if its sorted regards keith

It would be better if you could also get the connector off and push it on again to remake the connection. Sometimes these spade connectors lose their spring too.

Just a thought , not being that good with FI, could this be a problem with Jim’s Cali???

As far as I can see on the wiring diag, the neutral switch only lights the idiot light on the Cali. Might be wrong though.

no brian you are right as usal,