locking petrol cap ,but no key

I have a locking petrol cap chrome flip up type fitted to the T3 petrol tank however i have no key for the lock. I can find no number on the lock or makers name . So has any one found a replacement lock or key.I have dismantled a few camlocks to see if anything esle would fit or be adapted but it’s a no go’er. ralph2012-10-28 10:48:26

Still looking .Has anyone found a key blank that would fit ? I did get a blank that i thought would do but it turned out not to be wide enough. This blank was a Silca str6.Am looking at the silca key blank catalouge but it’s a long shot. Could anyone help with a locking cap fitted to a T3 THIS IS THE CHROME FLIP UP TYPE or similar model and have a look at there key to see if there is any key type number on it please.There may be different locks fitted to these accessory caps but it’s worth an ask.There are a number of Guzzi key blanks on ebay in the uk and usa but looking at them i don’t think any would fit my cap.

I HAVE found a blank key that fits the plastic cover with the built in cap fitted to tanks of similar models around the same era as the T3 V50? which is a Silca AF7A .One thing about this key was that when fitted in the lock i have ,it did not need to be cut! all the pins retracted into the lock and this works perfectly in the lock outer body.Hope this helps someone.ralph2012-10-28 10:45:25

Ralph, the key for my T3 tank (chrome flip up) has ZADI marked on it . it’s the same profile as my 1000s seat lock,(also marked ZADI)
Hope this helps PhilPhil Gough2012-10-28 11:52:46

The Zadi is a Fiat blank or so the local Timsons guy told me when I got it, The tank flap is not that difficult to overcome due to how it is fitted, the chrome flip up tank flaps are different and there were some aftermarket ones fitted as well making the job to match more difficult

A good locksmith will cut you a key not the timpsons sort they dont have the skill
my local locksmiths have been around since 1902 they have never har a problem cutting keys for odd locks for me

Yes This is something i forgot to mention in my 2nd post i think that the chrome flip up cap i have is probably a after market one and not O/E guzzi . The key for my cap would probably be smaller/lighter than a ignition key and certainly would look smaller than the Zadi/fiat/lada keys.ralph2012-10-28 21:09:35

I went to a local locksmiths don’t know how long they have been going looked too new inside, but they could not find a key in stock that would fit my lock. Were helpfull though. May have to find another locksmith that looks like they have been there along time and with a bigger selection of keys.ralph2012-10-28 19:58:37

Thanks Phil

Hi, my key also has Zadi on it and the lock has ‘1511’ (I think) stamped on it.Good luck!

The one on my 1980 V50 is also marked Zadi. It is considerably shorter than the ignition key.