Lodola 235 Carbureter

Looking for a suitable replacement carb or where I can get the existing one reconditioned, any help gratefully recieved

Eurocarb do dellorto spares but I think their vintage stock is getting patchy, you might give them a try. If you do find a source of UB spares shout up as I’m going to be needing some bits and bobs. The UB carbs were used on all sorts of things including scooters and most small bikes.

I know this is incredibly old, but I gave up on my UB22 and replaced it with a PHBL 22 Dellorto, it’s a perfect fit, though I also deleted the airborne and went with a small K&N airfilter. The PHBL is a 2 stroke carb, but I put heavier floats in the float bowl and used the same basic size jetting as called for in the UB and it works really well. About $100usd.
Mike Peavey
Boston, USA

I’m going to get a PHBL for my Ducati 175. It has an MB22, but it’s beyond saving. Eurocarb sell new PHBL’s jetted for 2-stroke or 4-stroke.

Ah, so you can get the PHBL set up for 4 stroke, good to know.

Hi Mike