Lodola 235 gears

Hi all can anyone help I am just rebuilding my Lodi last and when selecting gears there is a very positive click between gears but between each gear it seems to select a neutral
Can anyone help?
I am also looking for a spare oil pump any ideas where from
Thanks Kevin

I’ve just got my Lodola ready for the road but not tested yet. While stationary I can find a neutral between each gear but with firm hand pressure seems to select directly from one gear to the next. Most of my older (50’s)bikes have false neutrals which always seem to appear at inconvenient moments!

Same with my little Ducati, false neutral between every gear when tested on the bench. But doesn’t manifest itself as a problem when riding and everything is rotating.
I don’t know how the selector mechanism works on the Lodola but I got some improvement by adjusting the selector on the Ducati, but mainly to help the pedal return to centre.

Thanks for that Ian and Clive that’s out my mind at rest

I would second the comments above. Gear selection on the bench never feels good, all clunky and difficult to go up and down the box by rotating the sprocket or engine. It will be much different once you get it out on the road.