Lodola alloy wheel rims

Just wanted to check if anyone knew of a supplier of alloy 2.1/4 x 17" and 18" 32 spoke wheel rims. I can only find steel at the moment.

The rims I have are cracked around some of the spoke holes. Is this repairable- someone seems to have had ago in the past with rather crude welding.

Many thanks as always

Try Hagon’s both for new and possible repair.

Paolo Calestani should have something: http://www.calestanipaolo.com

They are a problem the Lodola rims because they are fragile after all these years. My 235 barn find bike has steel rims and to be honest I prefer it like that. italianmotor2014-09-10 09:55:01

Any luck?

Must admit I’ve stuck with the steel ones I have. You can end up spending a lot of money on these old bikes!